Guide to healthy credit

Building and maintaining a healthy credit file can play a part in your personal and financial plans. Even if you have a healthy credit report, it is recommended that you check it every year or so to make sure the information it contains is accurate.
What this guide covers
 Why is a good credit file important?
Your credit file is your record of creditworthiness – in other words, how good you are at paying back any money you’ve borrowed.
Lenders use credit files to evaluate your ability to make monthly payments on time.
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 What things affect my credit score?
Each lender has its own scoring system, but you’ll generally score the most points the longer you’ve been in a job; if you own your own home and/or have lived for a while at the same address; if you’re middle aged rather than younger or older; if you’re married; and if you’ve shown a good ability to make repayments on previous borrowings.
 What’s the best way to get and keep a good credit report?
Good credit comes from paying bills and any loan repayments consistently and on time. For credit cards, always pay at least the minimum amount due and avoid late payments.
 How do I get a copy of my credit report?
You can order a copy of your credit report from the following credit reporting agency:
Irish Credit Bureau
Clonskeagh Road
Dublin 14
Call: 01 2600388
You have a right to see the information that is in your credit report and can order a hard copy of your credit report by post or online. If you find some of the information in your credit report isn’t accurate you can ask for it to be corrected.
 What sort of information is in my credit report?
Your credit report contains a wide range of information including details such as your name, current and previous addresses. It also includes your history of paying credit and information available to the public such as court judgements against you or whether you’ve been declared bankrupt. It also contains details of enquiries made by lenders or other parties authorised to receive your credit report.
 What if some of my credit report information is wrong?
If your credit report includes incorrect information, contact one of the credit reporting companies as soon as possible. They will review your report, investigate your claim, and make any corrections necessary.
 Other Resources
• Irish Credit Bureau
Call 01 2600 388
• Companies Registration Office
Lo call: 1890 220 226