We’re working to make every part of our website accessible to all of our customers
We're continually enhancing our web environment to increase accessibility and usability for all of our customers. AvantCard strives to achieve “Double-A” accessibility standards as set out by the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C).
Here are some handy tips for screen reader users:
Navigate by headings
We've structured our website so that each section on each page is labelled with a heading. These headings are formatted in such a way that your screen reader can identify them, helping you locate the information you need more easily.
Descriptive link text
In order to help you find what you’re looking for more easily, on this site we use descriptive link text everywhere we can. Where this isn’t possible, we'll include additional text before or after the link which can be picked up by screen reader users, ensuring the destination of every link is clear for everyone.
Upgrade to Adobe® Reader® version 5.0 or later
Because PDF files created in Adobe® Reader® version 4.0 or earlier are not accessible by screen readers, AvantCard creates its PDF files in version 5.0 or later. To access the PDFs on our site therefore, you'll also need to upgrade your Adobe® Reader® version to 5.0 or later
Control font sizes
You can control the font size of each page using your internet browser settings. Our pages are constructed so that the font will resize without significantly changing the layout of our web pages
We also provide the following services:
For customers with hearing impairments
In Ireland, Eircom provides a service to hearing impaired people by providing them with a minicom on their phone and, when they want to make a call, they dial 1800 207 900. This action takes them through to an operator who acts as a middle man between the customer and the person they are calling. The service works as an interpreter service for the deaf. For example, when a hearing impaired customer calls AvantCard, the customer types their question to the operator, the operator passes the question on to the specialist and the operator then types the answer back to the customer.
For visually impaired customers
We can arrange to have customer requests for alternative transcription, such as large print, Braille, audio and CD. When a customer calls through to our Customer Satisfaction Department and requests this service, our representative will take the customers details and email them to our support team.
For customers with speech impediments
We will accept a letter of authority to enable us to deal with any person who wishes to nominate a third party to speak on their behalf. We will also accept verbal authority to deal with third parties, but only on a case-by-case basis.