Reporting Fraud

What to do if you suspect fraud
Call 0818 211 782
AvantCard will not disclose or request sensitive information in any unsecured communications (e.g. security passwords). If you receive a correspondence containing or asking for this type of sensitive information, do not reply to it. Treat it as suspicious and call us immediately on 0818 211 782.
When you receive a legitimate email from AvantCard it will always greet you with your title and surname. This helps you to verify that the email has originated from a trusted source. AvantCard will always require you to successfully log on to our secured Online Card Services service first before asking for any account or personal information. Should you receive an email that appears to be from AvantCard but you suspect it to be a hoax, please forward it as an attachment to before permanently deleting it from your mailbox.
Hoaxes are becoming commonplace-whether by phone, internet or mail. If you suspect that you have received or responded to a hoax correspondence that appears to be from AvantCard call us immediately on 0818 211 782. When a hoax attempting to steal our customers' details is reported to us, we have a dedicated team that will work closely with law enforcement agencies to shut down the fraudulent operations.
If you are not receiving your credit card statements or they appear to have been tampered with, call us immediately on 0818 211 782. Fraudsters may have attempted to access your statement and you should be on your guard if you receive calls asking for your security details.
If your AvantCard is used without your knowledge or consent, you will not be liable for fraudulent use. So it is important you contact us if you think your card has been lost or stolen, or if you notice any unusual transactions on your account.